And when it does it will automatically populate with their information and open up their email address with a pre-designed message that you have totally met you totally designed so mine usually says hey real cool meeting at this networking function.

I was I just wanted to share my details via my cool digital business card if you’d like to schedule times we can sit down and have a chat please do so by going to above a lot and they get this they click the link and import all of my information directly into their phone so you know saves paper and people love it they love it and the other thing is I know if my cards have been open.

So how nice is that I know people actually click on the link and open up my cards so that’s it this is my tip this is how you save money on business cards this is how you can just send a business card if you happen to forget your business cards okay this is how you can you know really walk the walk I’m a digital marketing agency I have a digital business card and people really think it’s cool now like I said for a lot of decision makers.

Those CEOs are the strategic partners I’m probably gonna do business with they get my my hardcopy business card but you cannot go along with haystack okay and another thing how do I automate this how do I make sure that I follow up with people once I’ve gotten their contact information so one thing I’ve done is we use Google Apps for work.

So we have you know all of our company emails with our domain name is through Google Apps for work so know it’s Frank at vm to anybody else in my company v so what happens is once I scan someone’s business card and I email them okay and their information is imported into my Google contacts I usually tag them with a category based on their occupation.

I also tag them with let’s say networking another piece of software called full contact will pick that up and we’ll look at the tag and then it will communicate via zapier with my marketing automation software which will automatically import them into my CRM and then shoot out a series of automated emails to start them into the nurturing process so I can go over that another day.

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