Education plays a critical role in the growth of human beings. While it can be said that education can be defined as the process of imparting knowledge to individuals, it can also be said that education is the most precious gift given to any human being by God. Education is vital to the overall development of an individual. All the best minds in the world got their education while living on this earth.

Education can also be defined as the accumulation of all the learning skills and knowledge accumulated from the time of childhood and adolescence. The learning experiences taught by our parents to shape the character of our minds. It would be pointless to add up that one man’s education is another man’s failure.Education has a specific criterion for each age group. This is one reason why there are educational institutions and colleges for each age group. Each educational institution has their own rules and regulations to make sure that all the students coming for education get quality education.

In secondary school, students are provided with comprehensive education which covers academic courses and provides practical lessons in addition to teaching them how to handle themselves as human beings. The requirement of these students would be different to the requirements of those students who have undergone higher studies.Before admission in a school for higher studies, students have to have passed minimum courses like CAT (Computer Aided Test), IIM (Intersession Mathematics) and the national board (NBT) entrance examination. These students have to follow a rigorous course of study which makes them study hard. All these students may not get admission in a university but at least they will have attained the minimum eligibility to pursue higher studies.

Higher studies give a student a good amount of knowledge and skill. The knowledge acquired during higher studies would make an individual more qualified for higher studies and other career oriented opportunities which they may be missing out due to lack of education.There are so many educational institutes all around the world which offer teaching courses as well as research courses for the betterment of students. For students who are not able to pursue higher studies, they can still find higher studies by taking courses which are designed to suit their needs.

Many colleges which provide higher studies for students from developing countries also offer courses for the students who have come from developed countries. These courses include the social sciences, engineering, management and the humanities.

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